Monsoon Berry is an all natural hair mask recipe which is 1,325 years old. It transforms damaged hair and scalp and transforms it into healthy vibrant hair.
It comes in a powder form which you mix with warm water into a paste. Then you apply it on dry hair and scalp from root to ends.
You can leave it in your hair anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The optimum amount of time would be an hour.
Rinse your hair under warm water while massaging the scalp. You will not need to use a shampoo or conditioner with it. It has very powerful cleansing properties and works best without other hair products
We recommend you use the mask once a week for at least a month to reap full benefits of Monsoon Berry. If you would like to replace your shampoo with Monsoon Berry, you could even use it directly in the shower by mixing it a lot more water into a runny consistency. Put it onto dry hair, massage it in onto your scalp and rinse like you would use a shampoo. Your hair will feel as clean or cleaner than while using a shampoo.
When in its powder form, it has a very strong smell due to it is powerful properties. Once applied on hair and washed off, your hair will be left with a mellow caramel like smell.
Monsoon berry does not stain or tint your hair while using it. It is almost like a mud mask and leave hair colour unaltered.
If it gets in your eyes it will sting momentarily. Wash thoroughly and quickly with cold water. There may be a bit of redness in the eye which should go away within the hour. However, if discomfort persists you can consult with your doctor.
Monsoon Berry can be used on all hair types and colours.
That depends on how long and thick your hair is and how much product you use each time. On average for shoulder length hair and medium thickness, it would last you about 6 – 8 uses.
Depending on the water pressure of your shower (if it is quite low), you may find that there is some of the powder still left in your hair. You can either gently brush your hair in the shower from the ends working up or simply let it dry and shake it off. It will fall off when the hair is dry.
Monsoon berry is 100% natural and is sulphate and paraben free. No hidden ingredients, just pure seeds and nuts sundried and ground together.
Monsoon Berry is absolutely cruelty free and not tested on animals.
Not at all, Monsoon Berry is completely vegan and gluten free.
All the ingredients of Monsoon Berry are sourced from Southern India and made there.
Store it in a cool dry place once opened to prevent it from absorbing moisture and forming lumps. We recommend you use it within 2 months of opening it and if you want to store it longer, the freezer would be a good option